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NEUROMODULATION FOUNDATION OF INDIA (NMFI) is dedicated to advancing the field of Neuromodulation through clinical research, education, trainings, creating awareness through print and electronic media within the Indian subcontinent while increasing the avenues of development for its members through professional networking systems, ongoing communication and other opportunities.     

Neuromodulation is defined as the therapeutic alteration of activity in the central, peripheral or autonomic nervous systems, electrically or pharmacologically, by means of implanted devices.

At the present time, Neuromodulation therapies offers the major applications in areas of managing movement disorders, epilepsy, depression, OCD, chronic pain, spasticity. Newer developments in neuroprosthesis, such as robotic arm, bionic eye, cochlear implants and sacral root stimulators are widely accepted in Neuromodulation field.  

Clinicians, scientists and industry are united in this growing, diverse, multidisciplinary field, which delivers enormous benefits to patients by improving function and reducing suffering.

NEUROMODULATION FOUNDATION OF INDIA (NMFI) is formed in 2012 through the efforts of its founder members dedicated to patient care through the field of Neuromodulation. NMFI is a result of dedicated efforts and vision of Dr. Alok Gupta, Functional Neurosurgeon and Pioneer of  Neuromodulation therapies in South Asia with an aim to provide enormous benefits to needy patients by improving function and reducing suffering. NMFI is a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the field of Neuromodulation within the Indian Subcontinent. NMFI is devoted to the pursuit of excellence in the application of all Neuromodulation therapies for patients suffering from neurological diseases. We are actively involved in the following areas:

The aim and objectives of the NMFI are charitable,  education for the promotion of awareness about the neurological disease, providing relief/help  to poor financially or otherwise. The aims and objectives of the Trust shall include without limitation, the following:

  • To create awareness about the Parkinson Disease Disorder, Epilepsy, Psychiatric disorders  and other acute and chronic illness of Brain & Spinal Cord, which would include to undertake any or all measures for the public awareness and education about the above diseases through any/all modes and mechanisms including but not limited to television, video music and print media, through internet, workshop conferences, seminars & events, to undertake and provide for the publication of journals, books, pamphlets, newsletters, posters, magazines etc. To undertake training programmers at  various locations and by mobile clinic which can also provide medical help, to create  a suitable forum for an exchange of ideas, techniques and Experiences.

  • To undertake, participate and associate in research programme to find treatment of the above mentioned disorder of Brain and Spinal Cord.

  • Financial relief/help to poor including grants and aid (financial or otherwise) to persons  stricken with all Chronic Neurological Disorder and other movement disorder, Epilepsy, Psychiatric disease, chronic illness  of Brain & Spinal cord who cannot afford the surgery but would be productive citizens if operated upon. The financial help shall be strictly on the merits of the case. 

  • Medical relief and/or maintenance of the sick/injured, establishment, maintenance and support of or donations to hospitals dispensaries, nursing homes, medical centers and utilization of funds for medical relief of all kind.

  • To acquire or to hold in lease any property or part there of which the Trust may deem necessary in furtherance of its objectives.

  • To collaborate, co-operate, assist  and associate in any manner with Central Government and State Government Authorities, NGOs, International or National bodies or with any person in furtherance of the objectives of the Trust.

  • To undertake promotional or fund raising activities, by  involving international and national drug majors in the fund proceeds of which will add to the resources of the trust to be utilized for the objectives of the Trust.

  • Education and training of other medical personnel on newer and feasible Neuromodulation techniques to treat various neurological diseases by allowing other medical personnel to witness and receive instructions about the therapeutic procedures for such techniques. 

  • To organize and conduct continuous medical education programs including, without limitation workshops/live workshops/ referral education programs/peer to peer training events, across India for promoting awareness towards Neuromodulation therapies and associated benefits in treating various depleting neurological diseases.



Neurology is basically medical specialty that deals with the mental disorder. In layman's terms , it is the branch of science that deals with what is going "in your head". No doubt, it is one of the most important branches of medical science. While the world has developed in medical science and latest technologies have made it possible to diagnose even the most intimidating ailments. india, too is taking its leaps in the medical sciences of brain, thanks to the neurologists and neurosurgeons such as Dr. Alok Gupta, the consultant neurosurgeon at Metro one of the leading hospitals in Faridabad..

Patient Shalini Arora with her father and Dr. Alok Gupta, successfully treated

her for refractory epilepsy with Deep Brain Stimulation Technique

Having qualifications like Neurosurgery, M.S. (Gen. Surgery) and M.B.B.S. the main aim or motive od Dr. Gupta remains to provide top-notch services in the field of neurosurgery. Dr. Gupta has been providing his expertise in neurosurgery in some of the leading hospitals of India such as Metro multispeciality hospital, Faridabad and Artemis health institute Gurgaon. To beat it all, Dr. Alok is among those rare neurosurgeon in the world who provide successful surgery in fixing pace maker in the brain to control epilepsy Obsessive compulsive disorder, Parkinson disease and other movement disorder.

Dr. Alok Gupta is performing Deep Brain Stimulation surgeries since 1998 and so far has perform more than 350procedures for various indications. He is credited for starting First DBS for Parkinson disease in 1998, First case of DBS for OCD in 2010 in Asia and first case of DBS for refractory epilepsy in 2012 in Asia.

Major achievements of Dr. Gupta have been acknowledged and applauded by various sectors of the healthcare society as well as media.

Dr. Alok Gupta presented his work in various international and national congresses in various indications of Neuromodulation.


Activities done by Neuromodulation foundation of 2nd Camp on CME organized at following places:

  • IMA Aligarh 2008-2009 August 24th - 45 Patients seen

  • Jalandhar 2001 18th sep 68 Patients Evaluated (Medical Practitioner Association Japan)

  • 5th sep 2004 Allahabad Medical Association

  • Bhopal - 16th and 17th April 2005 -Camp and CME - 52 patients seen

  • Ludhiana camp -April 2003 26 patients evaluated at Lifeline Charity Hospital

  • Camp at Hisar - 75 patients seen

  • Camp at Srinagar - 80 patients seen


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